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White dorper sheep came in to the picture as a management tool to reduce the burden of weed.

After reading and searching articles in Australia and around the world about the breed, we bought second and third crosses Ewes and three Stud Rams back in 2005. After running them on the cell grazing principals for 13 months and using non chemical weed fighting alternatives (VINEGAR IS A BEAUTY),

We can proudly say that our grounds are almost 99.99% weed free (we received the all clear from the council). AUG 06

Time and time we have invested in top bloodlines and we currently boost a good 300 studded EWES (south African Standard of Excellence ), these EWES form the base of our flock

Our Aim is to be the most reputable, efficient ,balanced and functional WHITE DORPER breeder and in time be amongst the best Studs.

EWES have to lamb naturally, have ample amount of milk, a good growth index (according to breed standards) otherwise will be CULLED no matter how attractive they are.

We are improving the breed not just adding numbers.

Remember what you are selling, should be good enough for you to buy, otherwise it should be culled with his/her off-spring.


If you want a REAL DOER please do give us  a call,we are very happy to Oblige

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